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October 31, 2013
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Free Selfy Adopts Pack 34 (5/14) Open by mermagic-adopts Free Selfy Adopts Pack 34 (5/14) Open by mermagic-adopts

1  2  3   4   5   6  7

8 9 10 11 12 13  14

if you want one it free but if you and another its :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:draw to adopt, wright to adopt, trade to adopt or gimme a custom selfy (i love selfys ^^):bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

i will put on hold for a week.

you can change anything but don't make it completely different and don't forget to credit me ;)

the first time you draw then send me a link

they are free all you need to do is fill this out

keyword is "tree hugger"








GF/BF, crush, wife,husband:



1. sold to TheWacko4u

2. sold to :dev:

3. sold to Glowy-Pop


4. hold for ottolover101

5. sold to :dev:

6. sold to Aspi-Galou

7. sold to darkmoonlightshadows

8. sold for halfginger13

9. hold for Mossy-Flyer

10. sold to :dev:

11. sold to :dev:

12. hold for Animenekoyoailover

13. sold to adjoAdopts

14. sold to :dev:

made on dream selfy…

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piepiepinkype Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Number: 11

Name: roxalin (roxy for short)

Age: 20

Personality: a bit over confident,doesn't like strangers

gender: female

History/bio: after leaving home she got a job as a model but due to some incidents at the studio she left to take care of her younger sister

powers/weaknesses: powers: N/A weaknesses: she gets drunk easily

GF/BF, crush, wife,husband: N/A

family: her mother and father died and she takes care of her younger sister

extra: N/A


tree hugger
Hero-100 Jan 5, 2014  Student General Artist
May I adopt  #'s 2, 5, 10, 11 and 14?

I wish to adopt 2 for free (Please hold onto it so I can fill out the form).
I will trade custom Selfy's for the rest (Do I need to fill out the forms for them as well as make a custom? Just wondering).

tree hugger.
dandandanao Dec 8, 2013  Student Artist
I'd like to have #2 and #14 .. I'll draw #14.. Is that ok? :)
Kawaii-Angel8 Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
tree hugger :D


Name: Alyssa

Age: 11

Personality: Mysterious

Gender: F

History/bio: An orphan, she was adopted by a wicked man who forced her to work as a beggar. Alyssa longed for freedom. She's a mysterious girl who never tells anyone how she feels

GF/BF, crush, wife,husband: -nil-

family: -nil-

SpotteeBear-UlTrA Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

tree hugger


Name: Gen

Age: 17

Personality: Rash

gender: female

History/bio: A total diva, Gen takes crap from no one

powers/weaknesses: none

GF/BF, crush, wife,husband:none



Tree hugger
Number: 10
Name: Hisami
Age: 16
Personality: kind, positive
Bio: Hisami was an only child, she never met her father, so she grew up with only her mother,  because of that, she grew up loving flowers and nature, she always spent her time outside, taking care of flowers and watching wild life, she always found it beautiful, her favorite tree is the Sakura tree, and she can't pick a favorite flower, her dream is to open a flower shop when she is older.
Powers: healing,protection, and nature
Weakness: none
Crush: none
Family: father: never met
Mother: Hiroko
Sister: only child
Brother: only child
Extra: she always speaks the truth and takes whatever punishment is coming for her. 
Hero-100 Nov 4, 2013  Student General Artist
tree hugger

Can you hold #2 so I can fill out her form. (This will be my free one)
Can I Trade one of my original characters OR make a custom selfy for #10?
boricuaswagg Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Tree hugger!

Can you please hold 5 and WTA for 11?
darkmoonlightshadows Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

tree hugger

Number: 7

Name: Silvia

Age: 15

Personality: Kind

gender: Female

History/bio: She was abandoned in a river when she was very young and grew up with a fox and the moon to depend on. Luckily the moon gave her the powers to understand animals. She had learned a lot of the so called "humans" and did not quite like them. The moon eventually made her got to a school where she would learn to control her powers and find out if she would use them for good or for evil.

powers/weaknesses: She is the moon princess. She controls darkness and light. 

GF/BF, crush, wife,husband: She is in love with the boy named Solsken. He is the prince of the sun.

family: Abandoned

TheWacko4u Nov 2, 2013  Student General Artist

Tree hugger~


Number: 1

Name: Experiment X

Age: Unknown

Personality: Very sad most of the time, rarely smiles

Gender: Female

History/bio: She is one of the many robot maids at a mansion. Because of her glitches, she is always very clumsy and can't remember things clearly. Her owner, a very wealthy man, abuses her because of her problem. He always calls her Experiment X because he thinks she is just a failure and doesn't deserve a real name.(please don't blame me for such a bad past! It's still a WIP...)

Powers/Weaknesses: She is afraid of men.

GF/BF, crush, wife, husband: None

Family: None

Extra: She is very sorry...

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